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Sierra Ferrell July 29 Doors @ 10pm

Music starts at 10:30 nightly, except for the Sunday Supper Club when the tunes kick off at 9, reservations are required for the Supper Club, except at the bar.  

All shows are 21+ / non-ticketed events. Cover charge may apply, line up early for entry. 

Follow our house bands on Instagram to see where else they are playing around the island.  Foggy Roots, Buckle & Shake, and Coq Au Vin have been making live music on Nantucket happen since before we showed up!

June 23 Karaoke
June 24 Buckle & Shake
June 25 Foggy Roots
June 26 Buckle & Shake
June 27 Sunday Supper Club w/ Coq Au Vin
June 28 Karaoke
June 29 Pantry Jam Band
June 30 The Gainstanders

July 1 Foggy Roots
July 2 Perfect Day
July 3 Buckle & Shake
July 4 Futurebirds
July 5 Karaoke
July 6 The Gainstanders
July 7 Jamie McLean Band
July 8 Jamie McLean Band
July 9 Foggy Roots
July 10 Buckle & Shake
July 11 Sunday Supper Club w/ Stewart Lewis and Coq Au Vin
July 12 Karaoke
July 13 Ryley Walker
July 14 Ryley Walker
July 15 Buckle & Shake
July 16 Foggy Roots
July 17 Crooked Coast
July 18 Sunday Supper Club w/ Hamilton Leithauser and Coq Au Vin
July 19 Karaoke

July 20 Anuraag & Special Guests

July 21st Perfect Day

July 22 Sacred Mounds
July 23 Foggy Roots
July 24 Buckle & Shake
July 25 Coq Au Vin
July 26 Karaoke

July 29 Sierra Ferrell 
July 30 Foggy Roots
July 31 Miss Fairchild

August 1 Sunday Supper Club w/ Coq Au Vin
August 2 Karaoke
August 3 Jamie McLean Band
August 4 Jamie McLean Band
August 5 Ritchie Scarlet Band
August 6 Foggy Roots
August 7 Buckle & Shake
August 8 Sunday Supper Club w/ Coq Au Vin and Mariana Bell
August 15 The Mallett Brothers Band
August 20 Habibi
August 21 Habibi

August 30 The Nude Party

** more August dates to be announced in coming weeks, stay tuned**