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Telescreens 7.25

Telescreens are a four-piece rock band from New York City. Austin Brenner, Josiah Valerius, Oliver Graf, Jackson Hamm. They formed initially in late 2016, Brenner, Valerius, and Hamm wrote and recorded their first album "The Return." In 2019 they found Graf and immediately started playing live in and around New York City. Momentum was gaining around the live show before Covid put a halt to the progress. During covid, Telescreens spent time together honing their sound. Responding to the very fast paced/aggressive/euphoria driven live shows they were playing before covid resulted in them embracing the sounds and philosophy of rock and roll. When the lockdown lifted they began recording their second album "7" and quickly started playing live again. Momentum picked up fast. They sold out Mercury lounge once a month for a year straight. Played many pop-up DIY shows around the city in backyards, basements, nightclubs, rooftops, and skate parks. In the late summer of 2023 they sold out their first headline show at Bowery Ballroom.

$10 @ the door. 21+